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Webinar on Dental Town.  Clinical and portrait photography for dentists.  Learn tips to get better results with dental digital photography at  

Dental photography is a key component of good cosmetic dentistry.  Understanding how to use a DSLR camera is a prerequisite to preforming esthetic dentistry for our patients.  There are no good cosmetic dentists who can not operate a DSLR camera these days.  Not being able to get proper standardized views of your patients is like being a musician that does not listen to their own music after it is composed.  How do you know its any good?  How do you share it with colleagues and get feedback?  Because you can not review your own dentistry or share it with qualified professionals, it makes it very hard to get better at aesthetic dentistry and open yourself up for critique.  Get up to date calendar information to find the location of the next dental photography course or anterior aesthetics live course at

New 2014 dates for smile design and photography courses.  Take advantage of great prices and fantastic destinations to learn latest techniques in smile design and portrait and clinical digital dental photography.  For more information regarding courses and course dates contact Clinical Mastery at (480)489-5551.

To book Dr. Olitsky for dental photography or smile design lectures or workshops contact (904)614-7959.

We are pleased to reveal a new dental photography workshop presented by Smile Stylist featuring dental photography lecturer Dr. Jason Olitsky.  Dr. Jason has written dental photography articles published in dental magazines and lectured on dental photography at the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and with the Clinical Mastery group in Arizona.   Dr. Jason is not a photographer he is a dentist that loves to present his cosmetic dentistry in the best way possible.  He has taken several dental photography work shops and lectures as well as photography workshops by industry leaders.  His has also learned hands on from some of the finest photographers in the industry.  His goal is not to turn dentists into photographers, but to teach dentists to use dental photography as a way to get more enjoyment out of dentistry and help dentists do more of the type of dentistry they really enjoy.


Testimonial From A Satisfied Dentist And Accomplished Photographer


As an accomplished photographer with more than 30 years of experience in all phases of photography at a pro-am level, I can truly say that Jason Olitsky’s four hour course on portrait and intra-oral photography was the best investment in time and money I have ever made with regard to photography.

His explanations of basic photography are the clearest and most concise that I have ever heard or read, which are invaluable to the beginner and advanced photographer alike.

By incorporating his techniques for portrait photography I reduced the time required for a photo session by an astounding 66% and got superior results.

I was also able to improve my intra oral photographs, even though I have made thousands over the years on an almost daily basis in my dental practice.

Even as a semi-professional photographer, I refer often to the hand-out and notes that I made at the course.  I would certainly advise the purchase of Dr. Olitsky’s DVD on portrait photography as an invaluable reference source.

Thomas DeLopez, D.D.S.

Tallahassee, Florida



All the pictures on our Smile Stylist website were shot by Dr. Jason Olitsky in a studio located in our dental office.  They are all actual patients of the Smile Stylists.  We do not use any stock photography on our walls, books, before and after albums or our website.  We used to use stock photography years ago, before we had accumulated hundreds of cosmetic cases in our portfolio.  Now we have pictures of patients with actual treatments that we have preformed that are very similar to the treatment or service that you would like to receive for your smile.  When we show our patients the before and after pictures displaying real results on people in similar situations, they are amazed by the transformation and thrilled by the level of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Jason Olitsky may teach portrait and clinical photography workshops for dentists and fly around the country taking pictures of other dentists' patients for their own portfolios,  but he does not consider himself a photographer.  His passion is for cosmetic dentistry and getting results for his patients that they will love.  The photography is a way for Dr. Olitsky to help his patients embrace their decision to change.  Many times, the after picture taken by Dr. Olitsky is the best picture ever taken of the patient, because they have a new confidant smile.  Our patients receive head shot pictures after their treatment along with before pictures that they get to take home.  It is surprising that more dentists do not display their dentistry through the use of high quality before and after pictures.  

It only makes sense that when you make a big investment in your smile, you are going to want to see good quality representations of what we can do for you.  The passion we have for smiles and the time we will spend to make sure you are happy, is reflected in the care for how we display our cosmetic dentistry results on our website. 

A trailer for the new Smile Stylist portrait photography DVD for dentists.  Check out Dr. Jason Olitsky as a paparazzi following "The Situation" in Beverly Hills.