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Jacksonville Top Dentists and Top Docs is a paid advertisement in Jacksonville Magazine.  Under normal circumstances we do not participate in paid advertisements featuring local dentists and doctors as highly regarded in their fields, but we have been featured in many issues of Jacksonville Magazine in editorial and advertisent.  Our dental patients grace the covers of many issues of Jacksonville Magazine and are found internally in the magazine in fashion spreads and advertisements.  Please visit our top level link (media) to see unpaid features of Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky.  


Dr. Jason and Colleen Olitsky at Smile Stylist

Credentials: Dr Jason is an accredited member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), teaches other dentists from around the world with Clinical Mastery, is the immediate-past president of the FACD, serves as clinical adjunct faculty at ATSU, and is co-author of the book, The Naked Tooth: What Cosmetic Dentists Don’t Want You to Know (which explainsthat there is no specialty for cosmetic dentistry, so patients must do their research before proceeding with any cosmetic enhancement.), that he wrote with Dr Colleen.  Dr Colleen has taken thousands of hours of CE in all areas of general of dentistry.

Accrediation in the AACD involves a riggorous clinical testing process. 

To find out more about AACD accreditation process go to http://www.aacd.com/index.php?module=cms&page=567


How did career start/choose Jax:

Dr. Colleen, "I knew I wanted to do something in medicine and I had always been curious about dentistry since I was born with 2 missing teeth and had dealt with a lot of dental issues.  Then when I did a dental internship during college, I just fell in love with dentistry."

Dr. Jason, "I am a 3rd generation dentist, the 6th dentist in my family.  I learned that being a dentist would be an exciting and fulfilling career from being exposed to the profession my entire life."

"We knew we wanted to live in Florida, C loves the sun, J loves to surf, so we moved to Jax Beach and fell in love with the weather, people, and lifestyle."

How do we differ from other dental offices in Jacksonville?

Dr. Colleen, "I love chatting with my patients all day and building those relationships.  We tend to become friends with our patients outside of the office.  I also love the challenge of taking an anxious patient and making them feel at ease by talking with them, asking questions and listening, being gentle, and even singing along with the music playing." 

Dr. Jason, "I love the opportunity to create beauty.  I see the teeth and smile as the most important part of a person’s appearance.  I love that the smile is a dynamic facial feature that reveals an individuals unique expressions and I enjoy watching it come to life as part of that persons whole being.  I enjoy redefining a persons teeth and smile to better harmonize with their health, beauty and personality.  I continue to have redefining moments in my career.  Through continuing education, as well as a healthy amount of exposure to artistic techniques from United States and European and South American dentists, the journey is constantly evolving. To put it short, I love creating healthy mouths and sexy smiles!  My work is my play."

Patient philosophy/ Briefly Describe Your Practice:

Dr. Colleen, "When we graduated from dental school, we worked at a very busy office for about 4 years and I never had time to get to know the patients or find out what they really wanted with their dental health.  We knew when we opened our own practice that we’d do the complete opposite.  We each only see one patient at a time, so we get to spend a lot of time with our patients and they love it. Dr J and I work very well together, especially since we each have different interests.  We initially focused so much on putting our name out there for cosmetics that people forgot that we did normal, family, general dentistry, too.  And Dr J has done incredible things in the profession for cosmetic dentistry, but I’m a dentist, too, so we’re both able to care for many different treatments for patients.  We’ve followed this very different model for over 6 years and it has been awesome!"

Smile Stylist has had many models grace the covers of Jacksonville Magazine over the years.  These are only two of many smile models from Smile Stylist who display anything from teeth whitening to bonding and porcelain veneers.

This cover features model Whitney Thompson who modeled her porcelain veneers from Smile Stylist years before her title as Americas Next Top Model.

We have Jacksonville Covered!  Our patients of Smile Stylist continue to make the covers of Jacksonville Magazine.

An example of our Top Docs - Top Dentists advertisements in Jacksonville Magazine.