Jacksonville smile makeovers

This new page will feature jacksonville clients who have had amazing life changing cosmetic dentistry smile makeovers.  Before and after smiles will tell the story of how cosmetic dentistry has changed their lives.

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With a new baby and a husband does not remember her smile, Erica has been waiting a long time to change her life.  Erica did not want to have her baby grow up with out seeing her smile.  It is not uncommon for people who have been unhappy with their teeth for a long time to give up on smiling.  They are able to train themselves to hide their teeth and avoid social interactions that cause them to smile.  In our culture, people with bad teeth are determined to be unhealthy, have a lower IQ, have no money and are less attractive than people with nice teeth.  If you have bad teeth and those things do not accurately represent you, then it can be socially crippiling.  Erica was not bad teeth and decided to do something about it!  She recieved 8 upper veneers and six lower veneers that corrected her alignment, whitened her teeth and fixed her cavities.  The end result is a beautiful smile makeover, a happy patient and a healthy mouth.  Now Erica looks the way she feels on the inside! 

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