Melody Testimonial


I have known Jeff for over 20 years and he was the boy who never smiled.  Since he has had his veneers done with Smile Stylist he is smiling non-stop and his confidence has roared.  He is in sales, he is the top sales in his department and it is so much in part to his beautiful smile they gave him.  It is an improvement that people notice, but they don't notice exactly what.  People notice he looked different, but it wasn't so obvious that it was something he had to explain.  They would say you look happy, or your face looks different, but it wasn't something that was so drastic that he would be embarrassed by it.  And he got a very natural looking smile out of the process.  He is thrilled and talks about it all the time.  He is smiling and meeting people and he is so much more open to talking to people and he does not feel like he has to hide his face.  They get pride in their patients feeling better about themselves.  It is very professional, but very comfortable.  You can watch movies.  You are not a number you walk in and they have a name for you.  They purposely don't schedule a lot so they can give the individual attention.  He is not ashamed to say the the Smile Stylist did his teeth.