Dr. Jason Olitsky Reviews and Ratings


What our patients say about their experiences with Smile Stylist are very important to us.  Although we love to capture comments in video, we get many great comments from patients through letters to the office and emails.  We would love to share with you some comments from our cosmetic patients and general dentistry patients.  Choosing a cosmetic dentist or a dentist for your family is a very important decision and we hope that these comments will make you feel more confidant with your decision to see Drs. Colleen and Jason Olitsky at Smile Stylist.  Watch Dr. Jason Olitsky Video Reviews 


Glad They Spent The Money Reviews

Dear Colleen and Jason,


The teeth are great!  I get mucho compliments.  I never realized how much people, including myself, notice great teeth and smiles.  It has been one of the best investments I have made.  Hope all is well with you guys. 

Take care,



Colleen and Jason,


My teeth look so good and are so smooth.   I showed a girl at work the before and after picture and she couldn't believe the difference.  My wife loves them and I can't wait to show Mom my new chompers.  It's amazing how far my mouth has come in such a short time.  I don't think you can put a price on a beautiful smile.  It's a lot of money, but well worth it.  I'm so grateful for finding the two of you.  You truly know how to make a difference in a person’s life. 





Jason Olitsky, D.M.D. & Colleen Olitsky, D.M.D. are a fine tuned high quality team operating in complete harmony.  On my first visit this team presented in an exceptional facility with state of the art equipment.  Impressions where made, and also on my teeth, the procedure did not take more then a few hours.  It was hard to believe this could be so easy and that I was on my way to a perfect smile.

Next visit was time to make the transformation. Pain was not a problem because they used a Computerized Novocain System that not only worked well, monitored the precise amount avoiding over medicating.  The mold of my new teeth was presented for inspection.  My first thought in a word was “Wow!  It was hard to believe this is what my teeth would look like!   As reality set in so did my anticipation.  Some music and a few movies later I was ready to walk off with 90% of actually what my new smile would look like.  “Temporaries” were used for a trial period, and it was incredible this can get any better but it did.  

After the third visit permanents look and feel great. This was a fantastic investment and most importantly my family reflected my excitement.  I should have done it sooner!




Thank you, dear Team Olitsky for your concern about my well-being. Yes, I did get home without any problem, stopping over only at Barnes & Noble in St. Augustine, to have a refreshing herb tea. The numbness wore off fairly rapidly - and not even a headache!

The work on my tooth is a great aesthetic improvement; I appreciate that very much. I am confident even now that the end result will be very satisfactory and well worth the price! 

Warmest regards,



You have a great office, and I'm glad I found you. I especially appreciate the fact that a DENTIST--not a tech--is the one looking at my teeth while they are being cleaned. Your calm nature helps my psyche, too. I wish you did the insurance thing, as fronting the payment is a pain, but I get it. You are worth that inconvience. 



You are doing a fabulous job! I would not change a thing. My life has changed with my new smile. Thank you Drs. Olitsky!

Vivian Garcia


Great Care Reviews

Hey Colleen,


I'm great! You did such a wonderful job. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. That was so easy, I didn't even feel like I had 6 fillings!

Thanks again!



Drs. Jason and Colleen,


I am at home and doing well.  All of the Novocain has worn off and I am currently not experiencing any pain.  I will continue with the Advil regimen and the instructions you provided.

Thank you bothfor your great chairside manner.  You both made it very comfortable for me.  Thanks for all of your time and concern regarding my teeth and the eventual "smile" outcome.




Hey awesome Olitsky team!

I'm doing perfectly fine and everything's perfect. I actually just came back from the gym. Thank you for checking in and for the great job you've done - couldn't have found anyone who would have taken better care of me!!!
Have a nice evening!



Dear Drs Olitsky and Lisa,


I love my new teeth and get so many compliments on them.  Of course, I give all of the credit to you!  It is so much fun to come to your office – first to be greeted by the happiest person in the world – Lisa and then to put your smile in the hands of such competent and talented artists who are so kind and make the whole process so much fun! Thanks!


Thank you again for everything and I will see you soon for my “Glamorous” photos.




Both Dr. J and Dr. C always make sure I understand my options, and are always considerate of time and money...I haven't had a better dental experience in my 47 years...Thanks Terri


You are both great and if a dentist office can be fun then you're the place. I certainly would recommend your practice. 



To the team at Olitsky Smiles,


I want to thank you all for your help with everything.  You made what could have been a painful experience into a very pleasant one.  Your friendly service is greatly appreciated.  I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!




Dear Jason and Colleen,


I just wanted to personally thank you for all the special care you gave me during my “smile makeover”.




Thanks to you, I have a lot to smile about.  I love showing off your fine work.  See you soon and thanks again.

Best regards,

Dr. Rob Karol

Periodontist (Sawgrass @ PVB)


Dear Jason and Colleen,


Thank you for giving me such a beautiful smile.  Everywhere I go I get compliments and they ask who’s my dentist and I refer them to you guys!  You are special in more ways then one, but the one thing that can’t be over looked is that your specialty in cosmetic dentistry is perfection!

Thank you,



Hello Dr. J and Dr. C


Just wanted to let you know that I have added your information to my website  www.laurieconley.com.  Hope you are happy with the results. Take a peek when you get a chance.  I am really happy with my new smile and plan to improve it even more by getting my bottom teeth bonded.


Thank you for helping me feel like a ROCK STAR!

Sincerely, Laurie Conley Miss River City 2009


Olitsky Team,


Thanks for making my visit so relaxing!  It was the best dental appointment I have ever had.  I already referred others to you.  I will be back for the rest of the treatments.

Thanks for everything,




What an experience – my dental visit was mind blowing.  Everything I wished and more your professionalism and level of care was superb!  Thank you for taking such good care of me.  Top Notch Dentists are hard to find and you and your team definitely have the “It Factor”!  Happy New Year and I hope to see you soon.



Hi Jason and Colleen,


I wanted to thank you so much for fixing my smile.  You two are a great team!



Dear Dr. Jason and Dr. Colleen,


I am writing to thank you and Lisa for taking such good care of me yesterday.  I feel so fortunate to have found dentists that are warm and caring AND do brilliant work.  The various relaxation aids you provided were a tremendous help to me, I appreciate you not discounting the trepidation I had due to prior painful dental experiences.

This was the first time in my life that I did not feel either the needle or the fluid going into my gums, and most importantly, I did not feel one bit of discomfort during any part of the procedure.

The teeth you worked on look absolutely fabulous!  I am just thrilled at the tremendous improvement in their appearance.




Lisa, Colleen and Jason:


I want to thank you for the VIP treatment I received on my visit.  As far as the greeting goes…

1.  I was so graciously received

2.  My preparation was subtle and gentle

3.  Two dentists at once, how special

Thanks, Patty


I think you guys are all great and are certainly very caring. To look after me and respond to me on a rainy Saturday is unusual in today's marketplace. You have now become my Dentists! As an entrepreneur, I did absorb many other aspects of your practice and operation. Your office is very modern and happy. With all the smiles on the walls, and the greeting I received from Lisa and then the Doc's, it puts a patient at ease and more confident. You have changed the "experience" of going to a Dentist which is going to build your business. No one likes going to the Dentist, but your approach and the way you handle patients enhances that experience and this will drive referrals your way. I think you should prepare your business model for expansion as I see your practice expanding exponentially. You have my 100% support and I will be referring you and your practice whenever I have the opportunity.




I loved every minute of being in your office. It is not like any dentist I have ever been to! I always dreaded going to the dentist and never thought that it could actually be fun, but the smile stylist made a believer out of me. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to go back. Best office ever!



You guys ROCK! I love my new smile. And the fact that you corrected my bite so I don't clench my teeth is an added bonus! Thanks so much for everything! 



Lisa was honestly happy to see me when we entered the Studio, and knew who I was before I even said a word which was quite refreshing.

 Dr. Colleen was wonderful. She was relaxed and considerate which put us at ease. It was a completely different experience from going to any other dentist I have been to thus far. She worked with us to find the best solution for my teeth in a budget that was more affordable than expected. Dr. Colleen was more interested in getting me my perfect smile than in what they could charge (or overcharge) us on.

I am truly glad we found Drs Colleen and Jason.

Thank You! 



Dear Drs Jason and Colleen,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my new smile!  From the moment I walked in your office you both and Lisa made me feel so comfortable.  Thank you for listening to me and for working with my budget.  You have given me my smile back, but you have also given me my confidence back!  You both are a gift!  Thank you for doing what you do!  I am forever grateful!



All of you (Jason, Colleen, and Lisa) make the experience very positive and low stress. Thank you! 



I truly cannot imagine improving on what you seem to have perfected. There should always be room for improvement, however, my expectations are always exceeded at the Smile Stylists.

Mary Alice


I began my services two years ago and discovered I was pregnant within a week of getting started! Dr. Jason properly advised me to put my treatment on hold and now two years later after a healthy baby and over a year of nursing I was compelled to comeback, because of the dynamic service. You manage to make everyone feel right at home and I appreciate that. 



First time to a cosmetic dentist and had a great experience overall. Can already tell the whitening trays are working like they should and will definitely recommend the process to friends.



I was truly impressed with the amount of time Drs. Jason and Colleen spent with me to answer my questions and go over my options and I really appreciated how candid they were regarding my case and what treatment they would choose for themselves or a family member. I wouldn't suggest you change a thing!



I appreciate all the attentive service that was given to me at my appt. on Nov. 9th. I will be sure to let you know my results with the customized trays and whitening results I receive. Thanks again!



I love you guys! Thanks for everything. I can't tell you how thankful I am for everything you've done and continue to do for me. Many blessings upon you and your family and staff, Nicole, Mark, Gabi and Jake


Exceptional Service Reviews

Hello Colleen, Jason, and Lisa,


Thank you so much for your time yesterday afternoon.  My teeth look amazing!  Each one of you helped make my visit to your practice relaxed and special, something I have never experienced in a dental setting.  I am so grateful!

I stopped into a store in Ponte Vedra when I left your office and someone commented they needed a dentist, I smiled and gave then your card.

Thank you,



Hey Docs!  Thanks for the superb service in your office the other day.  I felt like the most important person in the world while there.  Pretty cool!  You do a terrific job and I can see why you are the “Talk of the town”! 



I just desired to say thank you for your patience and professionalism.  I appreciate the skill, pride and enthusiasm you, Dr. Colleen and Lisa exuberate in your craft.

Thanks again.

Sincere Regards,



Dr. and Dr. Olitsky,


I just wanted to say Thank you!  for making each of my dental visits something to look forward to.  I’ve never left without being sung to and laughing like I’ve done in a long time!  You’ve truly changed my outlook of how a dentist should be!  I’m a patient for life!  Thank you so much for the Sees chocolates!  They were gone before the week-end.  Just another way you go beyond your job!

Thank you,



I just want to thank the entire team at Olitsky Smiles.  I appreciate the way you all treated me and my husband.  I thank you for listening to my concerns and delivering excellent service.  It was a pleasure meeting you all.  Thank you ever so much for your genuine care.  The experience was unforgettable.  I will be returning for future services.

Thank you,



Daily life is hectic enough, scheduling and keeping up with family appointments just adds to it...but you've made it so easy for me to make my appointments through email, you confirm personally so I don't forget, and when I get there, there's never a wait. The care you give to your clients is more than excellent, it's unmatched! I love going to the dentist and I refer as many of my friends and colleagues as I can. 

Dawn Lopez CBS 47 News Anchor


We were both pleased with our visits ( just had our teeth cleaned )  and we both loved the doctors. The office had a friendly professional feel. We both would love to go back and get smile makeovers.

Barb & Stu  


There is nothing negative about my experience with you guys. I love all three of you, if I could I'd adopt you. You'll always have my support.



Both Jason and Colleen are VERY approachable, and even though I asked questions that were contrary to their diagnosis, they were polite, agreeable and willing to work with me. Also, they were concerned about me spending $$ needlessly which I appreciated. They are "GOOD PEOPLE"!!!......Lisa is too. 



 I really enjoyed my visit yesterday, I went home and called my friends so we could all look at the beautiful work you both do.  I was so happy when I left.  I will be making my appt. next wk.  I know I will be happy with the outcome, it will be so nice to smile again, looking forward to starting the work needed.  Thanks again I will call Lisa (she is wonderful). 



Everything was perfect. I can't wait to come back in the near future.


No, I can't think of anything that is lacking; you are all immensely professional, and you possess engaging personalities; your office, which is modern and always spotless; and thus very inviting, makes one feel “at home” right away. Speaking just for myself, I think you are making your patients not only feel welcome and cared for, but, by sharing some aspects of your private life, e. g., talking about the progress that little Chase is making, or Lisa, in her always effervescent and bright-eyed way, relating some of her joyous experiences while vacationing in Italy. These seemingly minor facets of a visit to a doctor’s office - I will call them the “human element” - stand out, because they are not necessarily encountered in every medical practice. And where one does find them, they make all the difference!

Thanks and best wishes, Tom