Smile Modeling

How to smile modeling your teeth

It may be a surprise to learn that there is a best way to smile modeling your teeth.  Having taken the pictures of hundreds of models who are modeling smiles it has become clear that there are some do's and don'ts to smile modeling.  

DO smile with your mouth open and teeth apart.  Decreasing the overbite when you smile will help show top and bottom teeth and give the effect of having a wider smile.  Try not to bite down when you smile and be conscious of your lower lip.  

DON'T keep your lips together.  If your lips are touching then your teeth wont be visible to the camera.  

DO turn your head toward the camera.  Turning your face toward the camera allows the two front teeth to be in the center of the frame and showing equal teeth on both sides of the smile.  Try to avoid turning the head from one side or the other.  This does not allow the whole smile to be seen in the picture. 

DON'T smile with your upper teeth touching your lower lip.  Make sure that your upper teeth are not touching your lower lip.  This will allow the edges of your top teeth to be seen in your smile.  It is hard to evaluate the beauty of the smile, if the viewer can not see the details of the biting edges of your top teeth.

DO tell your photographer to focus on the teeth.  Often times the photographer is programed to focus on the eyes.  When modeling smiles, the product is the teeth, so make sure that the teeth are in focus.  

DON'T just smile.  Instead of smiling make yourself laugh for the picture.  Think of something funny.  Be charismatic and outgoing for the shoot.  Don't hold back or be afraid to laugh out loud  The best smile models can laugh on cue and make it look authentic.  

DO have fun!  Smile modeling is about having a good time and evoking feelings of happiness.


Please note that if you are considering smile modeling or modeling smiles with Smile Stylist that we will need a good headshot that features your smile.