Style of Man

As men age the smile starts to look old.  The teeth colors change from shades of white to shades of yellows and browns.  The edges of the teeth begin to wear down and look chipped and uneven.  The result is short dark teeth that make the man look old.  It is very common for teeth wear down and stain faster than the natural aging process and the smile can prematurely age the face.  Similar to men losing their hair, searching for hair restoration specialists in Jacksonville.  The teeth indicate more than just age differences.  Men losing their hair look for hair replacement, but over look the importance of their teeth to the opposite sex.  Women judge men quickly by the appearance of their smile.  The smile to them is an indicator of the man's health, success and attractiveness.  We understand the specific needs of the man's smile.  Men's smiles have unique characteristics that give them the appearance of success, health and attractiveness to the opposite sex.  The smile can give the face an instant make-over and is a great starting point for any life changing experience.

The custom tailored smiles on each man show dramatic life-changing results.

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