Dr. Colleen Olitsky DMD

December 7, 2018 by Jason Olitsky

Online Wellness Coach
Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Dentist at Smile Stylist
Author of The Naked Tooth: What Cosmetic Dentists Don’t Want You to Know
Full time wife and mom to husband Dr Jason Olitsky and 2 kids, Chase and Gabriella

As a partner in a world-class dental office for the last 12 years, it has ignited a flame inside me to take my passion of serving people to another level. Instead of just impacting people’s dental health, I desire to assist people in improving not only their physical health, but also their financial and mindset health as well, resulting in creating a kick-ass life for themselves!

So many people have tried “diets” in the past and have failed because they do not work!! We have learned so much in the past decade about nutrition and toxins and how to achieve optimal health while aging gracefully. I am blessed to be partnered with a world class health and wellness company that uses a non-GMO food system to achieve and more importantly, sustain a balanced lifestyle. It is comprehensive and can be adapted to all ages, athletes and non-athletes. Results include increase in lean muscle, decrease in visceral fat, weight loss, better sleep, faster recovery and stronger performance for your workouts, increased mental clarity, less body fat, and more energy. Everyone deserves to live life in a healthy body that they love, as well as experience financial and time freedom. I believe, without a doubt, that I have discovered the vehicle to achieve all of that and more.

My mission is to empower others to live life by their own design. I specialize in assisting both men and women to transform their lives and self image to clearly match their goals and dreams. As a wife, mother and an entrepreneur, I appreciate the flexibility of schedule and freedom that my career gives me. The system is simple and YOU are worth it! If you are serious about creating more freedom in your life, then we deserve to connect. Let me help you design the life that you desire.

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